Saturday, 4 February 2012

Surprise Saturdays

When I'm not working, I just love chilling at home on Saturdays.

This is usually the day my laundromat delivers my weeks laundry and building maintenance comes in for any fixtures needed done in my apartment (finally had my intercom fixed after one and a half years!). Aside from that, I try to cook and whip up something for my favorite meal of the day - breakfast! And then, I go on extended hours listening to my favorite podcasts.

I love walking. While I was living in New York, I would walk an average of 20 blocks a day, snow, rain or shine. I miss doing that. So whenever I get the chance, I walk.

I needed to do a couple of errands today, so I decided to walk to the mall. The breeze was just right (although there was a little hint of rain) and I had all the reasons to shed some extra pounds to ready myself for this weekends' wedding, and boy was I in for a lot of surprises.

My first surprise of the day!

 A playground in the neighborhood! I love kids and having a playground nearby means I get the chance to see more of them :)

As soon as I got to the mall (High Street), I saw Sale signs all around (heaven!). I had to find myself a four inch pair of heels to wear this weekend. I already fitted one that I really liked, but didn't get it, in the hopes of finding something better and more comfortable. After checking out the other stores, I didn't get to find anything I really wanted so I decided to go back for my first choice. Lo and behold, they didn't have my size anymore. That made me sad.

I was about to leave the store when all of a sudden, trumpets sounded and my eyes were magnetically pulled towards the direction of a really pretty pair of snake skin stilettos. I had no plans of buying one but when I found out it was on SUPER discount, who was I to resist?? I guess, a girl never leaves a shoe store empty handed. Surprise, surprise!!!

Walking to my next stop, I excitedly trekked three flights up to one of my favorite furniture shops, Ligne Roset. This was actually the first place I worked at during my second year of living in New York.  While working there, I got the chance to meet (not just saw, okay) celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez and Chris Judd, Bjork, Uma Thurman and Ethan Hawke and my claim to fame Collin Farrel, who I had a couple of opportunities to talk with over the phone (yes, we talked :)


One day, I'd like to take this TOGO two seater home and call it mine.

It was 2:30pm and I haven't had lunch. So I decided to drop by and get my yogurt fix. I like it plain with a little bit of almond toppings.

I was thrilled to know that my good friend, whose getting married this weekend, was registered at Gourdo's. 

As soon as I got in, surprise..surprise again, they were having the biggest sale ever. I drool every time I go there. I wish I had all the space in my apartment to fit in everything I want. 
So, I got my wedding gift and some extras :

Got both pieces (a patisserie plate and a hamilton beach skillet )
for less than P1,000.

I was ready to go home with three full bags of good finds for the day. While heading out the store, a friendly staff bid me good bye and said "Ma'am, have a happy weekends!". 

And I sure did. 

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