Monday, 30 January 2012

Everyday Manners - Buffet Style

Eat-all-you can is becoming a norm. It's a quintessential way of getting your money's worth when you're hungry. I've heard some starving friends say "I can eat a building!"

This holds true when I see people pile up their food on their plates, just like buildings.

Honestly, I 'm not a big fan of buffets. I get overwhelmed. I get full just by seeing all the food around. I like having my food in portions.

Because of the ever growing deals that we find on group buying sites for buffet eating, everyone and anyone can possibly enjoy this. Even in these types of setting, it is important that you still keep your tact and manners. Here are a few tips :

  • Check the buffet table out before filling your plate with food. This will help you decide what to have first.
  • Go to the end of the line and do not cut. Be courteous and polite. Make sure that you patiently wait and consciously watch for your turn.
  • When your turn comes, use the serving spoon. Do not get your servings on the same dish while someone else is. Serve yourself just ample portions. Do not hoard. Put the serving spoon back in the plate next to the dish and do not leave it inside the dish. This is courtesy to the next user. 
  • Going for seconds is fine. This is the reason why you should not pile up your food during your first serving. When going for seconds, leave your used plate on your table and use a new one. 
  • If you are not familiar with the food on the buffet table, it is okay to ask your hostess or the waiter what it is. 
  • Don't mix different types of cuisines on your plate (i.e. Spanish, French, Indian, Italian). You want to make sure that you taste all the flavors of each cuisine accordingly. Use a fresh plate every time you do so.
  • Try to finish everything on your plate and do not leave loads of food. Good manners is making sure that you only get enough, as we don't want to put to waste anything that someone else is deprived of.
  • Be polite to the staff. If there is a certain dish that you want that is already empty, you can ask them for a replenishment.
So before you head out to your next eat-all-you can meal, remember that eating should be a fun experience to be shared by you and everyone else around. 

Don't forget to bring your manners, it says a lot about you ;)


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