Friday, 20 January 2012

Tummy Tuck or Tummy Not

Lately, losing weight has become a tremendous challenge for me. Blame it on age and my current penchant for Chicharon (thanks to my mom for bringing me 5 bags of Zubuchon from Cebu), my clothes don't hang on me the way they should.

As someone determined to shed those pounds as quick as Darna can pop up when trouble calls, I tried to fill up my to-do list for January. Two of those I have yet to accomplish - try cross fit and try plana forma, both of which are high impact workouts.

My job as a trainer and consultant calls for me to always look my best. Whenever I conduct Image Enhancement, Power Dressing and Personal Branding workshops, I tell my participants that their physical appearance (which includes the way they dress, grooming, body talk and poise) is an important factor that creates a huge impact on their job and speaks a lot about who they are.

While in the "process" of re-gaining my normal weight back, I had to find solutions that would help me camouflage those bulges.

My first mission was to work on my waistline.
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A tummy tuck was definitely no solution.. but a tummy camouflage was. I shopped in my closet and pulled out the following styles that became my temporary DARNA:

WEAR (clockwise from top left) belted waist with low neckline one piece swimsuit, black black black tops and dresses that hangs straight without any waist definition, waist jacket, banded top, flat front pants with side zipper, spanx or shaper, wrap dresses with print, empire cut and skirts or dresses with sheering on the waist.

Clothes should always work to your benefit. Make sure that every piece fits you perfectly. After all, it was created to hide what was meant to be hidden and flaunt what needs to be shown. Wear it to your advantage.

In the meantime, let me enjoy my fruit bowl and get a head start in working those muscles!


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