Tuesday, 10 January 2012

What's In a Name

I have a very limited vocabulary. I want things done simple therefore I also say things in it's most simplest terms. I'm not a big words type of person either and I get tired when I listen to big words people when they talk. If only they have a pause button that would give me time to reach out for my dictionary and look for the meaning of what they just said, then the world would be a better place.

After reading an interesting article  25 Everyday Things You Never Knew Had Names, I was challenged to remember some of the names like "Philtrum" which is the groove located below the nose and the middle upper lip or "Petrichor" which is the smell outside after it rains. But hey.. I have a hard time pronouncing most of them, much more remember them, right? So I just decided to download the article on my iphone and have it as a reference tool in case of emergency.

Each time I conduct a training, one of my end goals is to see change. Change in a persons heart, change in a participants goal or change in the organization. It is important for me that each project I take on bears fruit, not just any fruit but fruit that remains.

So while I was trying to come up with what I can call myself professionally, my cousin introduced me to the word "METAMORPHOSIST". As animalistic as it sounds (Yes, my sister told me it sounds like a name of an insect), I love the word. I feel its one thing that totally describes me. It comes from the word Metamorphosis. Webster defines it as any complete change in appearance, character or circumstance. I just added the letters IST to make me the person that will aid in the change. So now, I call myself that.

For someone that's not a big words person, I have actually come up with one that I call my own.

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